THR's Staff

THR's staff utilizes a multi-disciplinary approach in it's delivery of health care services. With a special emphasis on cultural sensitivity, THR provides mental health services that conforms to it's client's language & heritage.

THR's Staff includes:
Rosenir Geraci
Clinical Director; Psychotherapist; Social Worker

Isael Ramirez
Substance Abuse Program Director; Addiction Counselor

Thomas Geraci
DWI Program Director; Addiction Counselor

Guillermo Olivos
Psychiatrist; MD

Brumo Lucini

1717 Elton Road, Suite 210
Silver Spring, MD 20903
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Tel: (301) 439-7200
Fax: (301) 439-5556

THR is proud to serve you
your family & community.
MON: 11am to 8pm
TUE: 11am to 8pm
WED: 11am to 8pm
THU: 11am to 8pm
FRI: 11am to 2pm

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